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Resin-Based Oxidation Chemistry

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This oxidation experiment illustrates the use of a supported reagent, in this case, an oxidant. The substrate (9-fluorenol) is oxidized to the ketone by the supported reagent (either a Cr (VI) species or a greener alternative, KMnO4). The supported reagent allows for the use of an excess of reagent, but provides an easy approach to recover and reuse the reagent. The heterogeneous nature of the oxidant makes isolation of the pure product easy. Thus, the experiment illustrates that many advantages of solid-supports in developing greener processes. The link to the laboratory procedure includes pre- and post-lab questions.

Summary prepared July 2006 by James E. Hutchison, Department of Chemistry at the University of Oregon.


Doxsee, K. M.; Hutchison, J. E. Green Organic Chemistry - Strategies, Tools, and Laboratory Experiments, Print 2004; pp 197-200.

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