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Household Fenton's Reagent: A Green Homogeneous Catalysis Demo

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"Household Fenton's Reagent: A Green Homogeneous Catalysis Demo" uses household chemicals to illustrate homogeneous catalysis and a common method of treating contaminated groundwater. This demo would be useful in the high school chemistry classroom or a university level general chemistry course. Fenton's reagent, a combination of iron(II) ion and hydrogen peroxide, is a powerful oxidizing agent in which the iron functions as a catalyst. In this demo, the Fenton's reagent forms a dark colored catalytic complex with potassium hydrogen tartrate (cream of tartar), oxidizing it to carbon dioxide. The reaction mixture darkens, bubbles vigorously, and heats up.

This demo is unusual in that, not only is it green in the sense that it uses relatively non-hazardous household products, but also in that it illustrates a procedure that is currently being used in environmental remediation.

Summary prepared January 2009 by Randy Sullivan at the University of Oregon.


Sullivan, R. Household Fenton's Reagent: A Green Homogeneous Catalysis Demo. pages/ detail.php?s=Fenton &page=1 &id=3156f33e71e062d7257edc5efcef6e7e# (accessed November 2011).

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