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  • Yu-min Song
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Some Exercises Reflecting Green Chemistry Concepts

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This series of exercises enforces green chemistry concepts while also introducing students to the balancing of equations and stoichiometry. The concept of conservation will likely already be familiar to most students, but these drills give students a chance to analyze different synthetic pathways and decide which path is the most green. The three target compounds given in this article are aluminum hydroxide, copper nitrate and sodium thiosulfate (the pentahydrate salt). The goal is to find a reaction scheme that uses the least feedstock and minimizes hazardous side products and waste.

These synthetic exercises are ideal for teaching students green chemistry, stoichiometry, how to balance an equation, oxidations and metathesis reactions.

Summary prepared December 2008 by Douglas M. Young at the University of Oregon.


Song, Y.; Wang, Y.; Geng, Z. J. Chem. Educ., Print 2004, 81, pp 691-692.

J. Chem. Educ. (Abstract only)

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