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News from Online: Renewable Resources

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Sustainability is an undeniably important issue that any educator who teaches green chemistry must at some point address. This collection of web resources is not only a great reference to aid in curriculum preparation, but it also briefly discusses some of the challenges that the world faces in light of limited resources and a growing population.

The review includes a short summary of green chemistry, renewable energy sources, liquid fuels from biomass (i.e. methanol, ethanol and butanol) and biodiesel. Each of the abovementioned topics are accompanied by a list of web resources.

The information in this article would be particularly useful for anyone who is teaching a class or a lab that focuses on the synthesis of biodiesel or biodegradable polymers.

Summary prepared October 2008 by Douglas M. Young at the University of Oregon.


Uffelman, E. S. J. Chem. Educ., Print 2007, 84, pp 220-222.

J. Chem. Educ. (Abstract only)

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