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Designing Molecules

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This unit illustrates the application of green chemistry in designing molecules and the importance of implementing green chemistry principles into industrial settings in order to minimize impacts on the environment. The segment also dives into the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenges Awards and how they have affected industries today. Activities include exploring the synthesis of ibuprofen and corn-based polymers and the reduction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in commercial paints.

This module is one of nineteen end-of-chapter modules that integrate green chemistry with specific chemistry concepts within each chapter. This module includes three web investigations, and four separate exercises focused on communicating findings using a variety of reporting strategies. This material is included in chapter two "Atoms."

Summary prepared March 2008 by Dana R. Garves at the University of Oregon.


Hill, J. W.; Kolb, D. K. Chemistry for Changing Times, Print 2007; pp 54-55.

Category Descriptors

Chemistry Concepts
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Natural Products
Green Chemistry Principles
  • Avoid Chemical Derivatives
  • Design Less Hazardous Chemical Syntheses
  • Design Safer Chemicals and Products
  • Increase Energy Efficiency
  • Maximize Atom Economy
  • Prevent Waste
  • Use Catalysts
  • Use Renewable Feedstocks
Chemistry Subdiscipline
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Polymer Chemistry
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  • Colleges/Universities
  • General Public
  • Secondary Schools
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