How to contribute educational materials to the GEMs collection

Contact Julie Haack (541) 346-4604 or use our contribute form to submit your materials to the GEMs database. All educational materials are welcome including laboratory exercises, lecture materials, chemical demonstrations and in-class activities. Please include a brief description of the item and key words describing chemistry concepts, laboratory techniques, green chemistry principles, chemistry subdiscipline, and target audience.

We are actively recruiting educators that are interested in reviewing classroom materials, testing laboratory procedures or modifying content for other age groups. Please let us know if you would like to help with these activities.

Why contribute to GEMs?

Educational materials that illustrate the principles of green chemistry are limited and often difficult to find. By contributing published and unpublished materials, you are facilitating the development, dissemination and incorporation of green chemistry educational materials into the chemistry curriculum. In addition, we hope that contributors benefit from:

Please join us in developing a community resource that meets the needs of a diverse group of educators not limited by traditional chemistry disciplines or institutional setting.

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