Greening of organic chemistry lab experiments: A stepwise transition

Brian L. Groh, Jason F. Pendleton, Mariya Nasiruddin, and Duane M. Anderson. Department of Chemistry and Geology, Minnesota State University, Mankato, 242 Trafton Science Center North, 415 Malin St, Mankato, MN 56001

ABSTRACT: We are in the process of making a transition to greener organic laboratory experiments. We will be reporting our accomplishments on the first three phases of this ongoing process. The first phase was evaluation of existing labs for their green rating. This rating was determined by using a simple metric based on scores derived from NFPA codes with consideration of special hazards, such as mutagenicity, or the use of environmentally benign reagents or solvents. Second was to take existing experiments with high scores and improve the green rating by making modifications based upon literature precedent. Third was the development of new experiments comparable to existing ones that incorporate the use of greener reagents or solvents or use of solventless reactions. In particular we will report on two new reactions, a greener oxidation of cyclohexanone to adipic acid and the solventless conversion of an alcohol to the corresponding alkyl chloride.