Green chemistry in the land of turnip greens: Going solventless in the South

Thomas E. Goodwin, Department of Chemistry, Hendrix College, 1600 Washington Ave, Conway, AR 72032

Power Point Presentation (PDF)

ABSTRACT: In our paper entitled “An Asymptotic Approach to the Development of a Green Organic Chemistry Laboratory” (J. Chem. Educ. 2004, 81, 1187-1190), we discussed philosophical and practical issues involved in the initiation and evolution of our green, microscale laboratory program. After a very brief review of our guiding principles, this presentation will focus on new green experiments that have been developed. Of particular interest are solventless reactions and reactions carried out in water. Microscale, microwave experiments are also being developed. We strive to substitute greener and more common chemicals for less desirable reagents wherever possible (e.g., commercially available 3% hydrogen peroxide for 30%; nicotinamide for pyridine), in experiments that teach modern chemical principles within the introductory organic laboratory.