Bringing green chemistry to the first-year chemistry curriculum

Marc A. Klingshirn, Allison F. Christensen, Robert M. Hanson, and Gary O. Spessard. Department of Chemistry, St. Olaf College, 1520 St. Olaf Avenue, Northfield, MN 55057

ABSTRACT: The Department of Chemistry at St. Olaf College has begun efforts to incorporate Green Chemistry throughout its chemistry curriculum. With assistance from the W. M. Keck Foundation, these efforts include the incorporation of the Principles of Green Chemistry into the first-year chemistry course. The first-year curriculum changes include current lab evaluation and redesign, inclusion of real world Green Chemistry examples into the laboratory manual to make tangible relationships, and incorporation of Green Chemistry discussions/assignments into the lecture. This presentation will give an overview of past and future endeavors to infuse Green Chemistry into the undergraduate chemistry curriculum, in addition to focusing on those changes currently being made at the first-year level.