Infusing chemistry lecture courses with green chemistry: Poster and oral presentations, web-based modules, supplemental material, and textbooks

Michael C. Cann, Chemistry Department, Chemistry Department, University of Scranton, Scranton, PA 18510

Power Point Presentation (PDF)

ABSTRACT: Today, chemists in both industry and academia are conducting research and development in green chemistry. If we are to accelerate the growth of sustainable chemistry, then we must teach the values of green chemistry to our students of today, who will be our scientists, politicians and business leaders of tomorrow. This presentation will briefly explore some of the ways that we have incorporated green chemistry into our lectures courses at the University of Scranton, and materials that we have developed for this purpose. Our students have been exposed to green chemistry through 1) student oral and poster presentations, 2) infusion of green chemistry into classroom discussions using supplemental materials that we have developed (web based teaching modules and a book “Real-World Cases in Green Chemistry”), and 3) infusion of green chemistry into existing textbooks. For additional information please see our green chemistry web pages (