Analyzing green chemistry: A description of metrics with applications in academia and industry

Laura J. Hamel and Irvin J. Levy. Department of Chemistry, Gordon College, 255 Grapevine Road, Wenham, MA 01984

Power Point Presentation (PDF)

ABSTRACT: Green Chemistry techniques are increasingly sought in academia and industry. Numerous metrics have been described to gauge the degree to which a particular activity or process might be considered "green". In academia, metrics can be used to compare different syntheses that demonstrate the same principles being taught. In industry, metrics are useful in choosing the best route and in tracking the evolution of a process. To facilitate a smooth transition into this greener state of mind, we believe it is necessary to expose students to these techniques early in their education. We will discuss several different metrics, their calculation, and how they are applied in academia and industry. Using these metrics students will be exposed to green chemical reasoning similar to that used in industry.