Illustrating green chemistry through hands-on learning from the “real world”

Amy S. Cannon, Sofia Trakhtenberg, and John C. Warner. Green Chemistry Program, University of Massachusetts Lowell, 3 Solomon Way, Suite 4, Lowell, MA 01854

ABSTRACT: In our efforts to develop materials for undergraduate teaching, community outreach and K-12 efforts, we have found that the integration of commercially relevant "real world" applications helps to capture the attention of the desired audience. We feel that it is important to not only present examples of Green Chemistry for the purpose of illustrating the "environmentally ethical" and "economically practical" means by which scientists are doing research - but perhaps more importantly - that individuals without a science background have the ability to understand and contribute to this process. We will use our recent patents in the fields of semiconductor design, biodegradable plastics and polymeric photoresists as examples of how green chemistry principles can be immediately incorporated into commercially relevant applications and integrated into teaching at several levels.