Progressive introduction of green chemistry into undergraduate organic chemistry research, lab, and lecture curriculum at Bridgewater State College

Edward J. Brush, Department of Chemical Sciences, Department of Chemical Sciences, Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, MA 02325

ABSTRACT: Green Chemistry is an educational and practical approach to reducing or eliminating the use and generation of hazardous chemicals. Although there are many examples of innovative Green Chemistry technologies, this philosophy has only recently made its mark in classroom pedagogy. Beginning in 2001, Green Chemistry content has been incrementally introduced into the organic chemistry curriculum at Bridgewater State College, starting with undergraduate research, and then progressively moving through the organic lab, lecture, and recent creation of a new course. New green chemistry pedagogical initiatives remain focused on traditional concepts and laboratory experiments, while emphasizing how creative research and industrial approaches have led to the design of alternative and less hazardous processes and chemicals. Students have played a critical role in this initiative by developing greener research projects and lab experiments, creating educational posters, and participating in an Outreach program to communicate the Green Chemistry message to the local community.